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Country. People. Life - in the 20th century in Schleswig-Holstein

It effortlessly bears its loads - ironmongery, wall paints and much more has been transported from Wilster on this wheel from 1934. And the shoe x-ray device from the 1950s from Preetz - what is that good for? Its role, on the other hand, is well-known: in 1972, the torch with which the Olympic flame was carried from Munich to Kiel was the focus of the world's attention...

The permanent exhibition "Ein JAHR100 in Schleswig-Holstein. Land. Leute. Leben." ("A YEAR100 in Schleswig-Holstein. Country. People. Life.") displays 350 carefully selected exhibits from all areas of life and focuses on the small and large, but ultimately life-defining things and circumstances of everyday life. It also shows how supra-regional social events and developments affect the personal lives of Schleswig-Holsteiners.

Dauerausstellung Jahr100Haus Molfsee, Thema Arbeit und Freizeit

The show casts a highlight on objects and the stories associated with them, recounts people and fates, and in particular tells of the small things, often taken for granted, that ultimately make up life.

Thereby, the exhibition focuses on six themes, linked to the following questions: What rhythms shape our lives? How do we get from A to B? What impact does our work have on our lives? How, what and why do we consume? How do we communicate? What gives us security?

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