Corona pandemic

Our Corona visit information can be found HERE

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Freilichtmuseum Molfsee

Hamburger Landstraße 97
24113 Molfsee, Deutschland


Information, reservation, booking +49 (0) 431 65966 22

Opening hours until 31.10.2021

Opening hours
Varying opening hours / bank holidays
Opening hours from 01.11.2021


10,00 Euro
8,00 Euro
21,00 Euro
3,00 Euro
Individual annual pass :
60,00 Euro
Family annual pass:
95,00 Euro
Group of 20 and more:
8,00 Euro per person
Group of 30 and more:
7,00 Euro per person
School classes:
2,00 Euro per person
  • Reduced prices are valid for: students, apprentices, the disabled, receivers of ALG II [a type of German unemployment benefit], voluntary services participants – respectively with valid documentation.
  • Family ticket: two adults with children of up to 17.
  • Children of up to 6 do not pay entrance fees.

Information for your visit

During your visit to our museums please respect the general Corona-Regulations, as well as the following information, which applies in particular to the Open-Air Museum in Molfsee:

Details for the Jahr100Haus

You are welcome to use our E-Guides in the permanent exhibition. For this you will need to bring your own smartphone and ear plugs. 

There is full disabled access in the Jahr100Haus. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the museum or via our visitors‘ service: +49 (0) 431 6596622,

Details Applying to the Grounds

Due to the Corona pandemic, only some of the houses are open in the Open-Air Museum in Molfsee: Arentsee, Klappholz, Großharrie, Lehe, Teschendor, Klockries, Grube, Wilster, Haseldorf, Gothmund, Haubarg, Vierseithof, Westerland, Süderbrarup, Schusterkate, Weberkate, Dairy. Smaller exhibitions in separate houses are closed at present. The fair will be open at the beginning oft he season, with restrictions. This also applies to the petting zoo.  

The tractor path is out of order. For your own safety we are currently unable to hire out hand carts and picnic tables. Toilets are at the gate house and at the fair.

The grounds of the Open-Air Museum and the historic buildings have only part disabled access, although we are constantly trying to improve this situation. We recommend that you visit the Open-Air Museum with an accompanying person. Should you require help, please speak to our staff in the grounds at any time. You are also welcome to contact us prior to your visit by telephone: (*49 (0) 431-659 66 22) or email

Please note in the case of extreme weather conditions, that the grounds could be closed during opening times. Dogs are welcome in the grounds but out of consideration for fellow visitors and other animals, please keep your dog on a lead and remove any excrement.

Smoking and any contact to open fires is forbidden over the entire museum area. There are smoking areas at the gate house, at the fair and in the dairy garden.

Journey to the Museum with Public Transport

Parking is available at the museum. In the case of major events, a park and ride service is offered. Should you wish to come by bus or rail, you may best find out about this by contacting

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