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Permanent exhibitions

Discover the everyday and cultural history of Schleswig-Holstein. In our two large permanent exhibitions, you can find out what has shaped and characterised our federal state from the 16th to the 20th century.


Dauerausstellung Jahr100haus, Thema Mobilität und Bewegung

Country. People. Life - in Schleswig-Holstein in the 20th century

The new exhibition "Ein JAHR100 in Schleswig-Holstein. Land. Leute. Leben" ("A YEAR100 in Schleswig-Holstein. Country. People. Life") invites us to recall the 20th century - as we lived and experienced it every day. On 920 square metres, the show presents around 350 objects - familiar and curious, banal and historically significant - from the school cone and the business bicycle to a shoe x-ray device and the torch for the Olympic flame in 1972. The objects and their stories are staged like highlights. A journey of discovery into the recent past that will evoke emotions and memories for many. MORE…


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