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Discover the cultural history of daily life in Schleswig-Holstein. Find out what characterized and formed Schleswig- Holstein from the 16th until the 20th centuries in the two large permanent exhibitions.

„JAHR 100 in Schleswig-Holstein. Country. People. Life“

This exhibition in our new building – „a JAHR100 in Schleswig- Holstein. Country. People. Life“ invites us to a revue of the 20th century – as we lived and experienced every day life. A presentation of 350 familiar, quaint, trivial and historically significant objects over an area of 920 square metres – from the first day at school and the firm’s bicycle, to the olympic torch in 1972. Objects and stories staging a sudden insight in a journey back into our most recent past, which will re-awake many emotions and memories.

Rural Schleswig-Holstein from the 16th until 20th Centuries

For those who want to dig deeper in the past, then they should make their way over the 40 hectare area, presenting 60 historical buildings and an insight into the daily, cultural life in rural Schleswigh-Hostein from the 16th to the 20th centuries.  Farmhouses, cottages and barns, an old apothecary, a fair, all originating from various different parts of the countryside, will hardly fail not to move any native of Schleswig-Holstein and re-awake personal memories or even a favourite place from their past.

Schleswig-Holstein State Museums
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