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The country women’s archive for Schleswig-Holstein

The country women’s archive for Schleswig-Holstein has been located at the Open-Air Museum Molfsee since its foundation in 2006. It is financed in collaboration with the Country Women’s Association Schleswig-Holstein and the Open-Air Museum Molfsee.

It focuses on written and visual evidence on the history of country women, in particular during the 20th century. The compilation of the archives is the task of a working group specifically founded for this purpose. Findings are presented, questions answered in detail. Items not suitable for the archive are returned. During the initial years, everything worth archiving was collected in equal measure without setting a specific focus.

Clearly, several households owned documents (such as passbooks, friendship books, handwritten cookery books, printed matter, photos or audio documents) which appeared to be too much of a shame to dispose of but which they were happy to pass on. The archive accepts everything considered worthy of archiving - however specific topics are focused within the scope of PR work. 

In 2009/2010, the kick-off event for a Molfsee special exhibition was made with the title “Country women’s history - from the country women’s archive in the open-air museum”. A project which showed selected items from the entire range. Also in the run-up to the “Women’s life - moments in life” exhibition, which could be seen in 2012/2013, the working group intensely encouraged the provision of pictures. This was the origin of the collection focus “personal memories” which has remained significant up until the present day. 

With the beginning of archiving work, interviews became part of the daily routine, however since opening the “Memories” exhibition, which has been shown in the open-air museum since 2014, the recording of interviews has been improved both in a written and technical nature. 

Four years later, the current exhibition opening of “Kohl, Appel- un Blomenhoff – rural home gardens” documents the next collection item for the country women’s archive work: historic “Cottage gardens” the country women’s mixed flower and kitchen gardens.

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