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Kohl-, Appel- un Blomenhoff

Rural home gardens in Schleswig-Holstein

01.04. - 08.09.2019

In its new special exhibition “Kohl-, Appel- un Blomenhoff – rural home gardens in Schleswig-Holstein”, the Open-Air Museum Molfsee – State Museum for Ethnology has addressed the development history as well as the changing social and economic significance of the normal country gardens. Here, the major focus is on the period between 1900 and 1970.

The topic of gardens has been connected with the question of self-subsistence of country households for several centuries. What was cultivated (vegetables, fruit or herbs) and in what quantities? How were the yielded crops which were not consumed immediately stored and conserved? Were surpluses passed on, maybe to the poor? What scope did flowers and ornamental shrubs have? How were the gardens partitioned? How did the gardens change during the course of time? Were there regional differences? To what extent have monastery gardens, stately gardens, parsonage gardens and school gardens influenced rural garden culture over the past centuries?

The special exhibition “Kohl-, Appel- un Blomenhoff” provides answers to central questions such as this. The further aspects include the different garden work necessary during the course of the year. Also the question as to why mostly women were responsible for the gardens - and where they obtained their knowledge. Furthermore, the special exhibition follows the question as to from when and in what way ecological work styles played a role and how fertiliser used to be administered and vermin was fought against in former times.  

Home gardens - far beyond a location for self-subsistence

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