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Traces of the Cold War

in Schleswig-Holstein

30.03.2021 - 30.12.2022

Even if Schleswig-Holstein was not one of the major arenas of the Cold War, the era has left its mark. The Land [state] was considered as the land bridge between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, the NATO surmised strategic interests from the Warsaw Pact here. Today, a large number of structural facilities still bear witness to this period, even if they are mostly hidden – for example a large air-raid shelter in Kiel’s town centre.

Before it was dismantled, the Open Air Museum photographed it in 2015 and took parts of it to the museum. The photos and items provide the basis and initial contents of the special exhibition in the new exhibition and entrance building and show exemplarily how the people would have organised themselves for a limited period in an emergency within confined space. Moreover, the exhibition extends the focus to the entire Land [state] and sets out on the quest to find traces at locations such as munition stores, warning offices or replacement hospitals – in brief: it shows the infrastructure of the Cold War in Schleswig-Holstein.


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