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Experience historic handcraft live

The Molfsee Open Air Museum offers visitors the opportunity to experience traditional crafts, presented at first hand at certain times during the day (please enquire). Our cooperation partners display these historical crafts here in various artisan workshops.

The Basket Maker Family

Since the 1970s the Sell family, now in the third generation, are active in their workshop at the Molfsee Open Air Museum. Working in a traditional manner, while incorporating innovative and up to date ideas, these master craftsmen produce to the highest quality. Participation in basket weaving workshops and courses are available to the public. Please call +49 (0)431 682390 to arrange a time.

The Pottery

Visitors can visit the pottery and observe the potters at work daily, or they are welcome to try it out themselves.  Courses are also available. For further information, call +49 (0) 4347 713474.

The Weavers

The weavers in the Webgruppe 84 are normally to be seen on most Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m on the Meierei-Berg. Courses are also offered. For further information, call +49 (0) 431 311966 or +49 (0)431 361786.

Other craftsmen are to be seen at the bigger events. The “Bandreisser” harvests and splits willow rods with sharp tools, to produce rims for butter barrels. Along with the Tape/Ribbon Weavers (Bandweberinnen) and Lace Makers (Klöpplerinnen), these traditional, historic crafts are on show and visitors are invited to participate. 

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