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Coronavirus: The Museum is closed  from March 14th to April 19th.

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Experience historic handcraft live

Visitors repeatedly have the opportunity to experience historic handcraft live at certain times (please ask as applicable) at the Open-Air Museum Molfsee. Thus, it incorporates several historic workshops which are used in-part by artisan businesses and associations. 

The basket maker family

In the meantime in its third generation, the basket maker family Sell has been active since the 1970s at its workshop in the Open-Air Museum Molfsee Traditional and nonetheless using state-of-the-art technology – that distinguishes the craftsman business. As a specialist workshop, the basket maker offers quality work from a master’s hand. Visitors can partake in various workshops related to the craft of basket weaving. To make an appointment, call +49 (0) 431 682390.

The forge

The forge located on the museum grounds is run by Dr. Arne Paysen. Almost every day, you can observe him when preparing various tools, decorative items or custom-made items for houses and gardens. Moreover, he offers forging courses. You can make an appointment directly on-site or under +49 (0) 1515 3930474.

The pottery

Visitors can observe the potters working in the pottery every day - or even try it themselves. Additionally, potter courses are offered. Further information is available under +49 (0) 4347 713474.

The weavers

Weaving Group 84 normally always runs the weaving mill on the dairy farm mountain Wednesdays and Sundays. Additional specific workshops are offered. Further information is available under +49 (0)431 311966 or +49 (0)431 361786.

For larger-scale events, further craftsmen such as wood turners, ribbon spinners, ribbon weavers and lace makers present their skills invite the visitors to participate.

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