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Animal husbandry appropriate to the species

There are several domestic animals such as goats, sheep, cows, chickens, rabbits, geese, peacocks, cats, donkeys and horses on the Open-Air Museum Molfsee’s grounds. Thanks to cooperation with the farmers, the museum also houses indigenous cattle, so-called German shorthorns. The Angeln Saddleback can also be found in the Open-Air Museum.

It is important to us: The housing conditions for the domestic animals are coordinated with the veterinary inspection office which controls the situation at regular intervals.  

All the domestic animals living in the museum are provided for appropriately for the species, fed sufficiently by museum employees and cared for by vets. This also includes regular hoof care for donkeys and horses.

Additional and possibly incorrect feeding by unauthorised persons may result in serious digestion problems for the animals and is therefore generally prohibited. The funfair “petting zoo”, which is open for visitors on several days during the season, is an exception to this rule.

Numerous wild animals can also be found on the museum grounds. They are not provided for by the museum because – as the name implies – they are wild animals.

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