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Hmm, yummy! Coffee, cake and...

The Open-Air Museum Molfsee is a popular excursion destination - and a real excursion also includes coffee and cake, an ice-cream or... Therefore, the open-air area has a café, a bakery and a kiosk which ensure the visitors’ culinary well-being. The restaurant in the “Winkelscheune” is also opened for larger events. Last but not least, there is the museum guesthouse Drahtenhof, located directly next to the open-air area.

The dairy farm café

The feudal estate café – Emil und Lies’chen – is managed by the young pastry chef Emily Meining. In addition to warm and cold drinks, cakes and gâteau specialities, cup cakes, biscuits, bonbons and the usual café offers, you can also order breakfast in advance for the weekend (various variations). Emily Meining also caters for birthdays or company celebrations for up to 50 people.

Emily Meining
+49 (0)162 5789216 

The funfair kiosk

The funfair kiosk is run by Sabine Köhrsen and Marco Kohrt who have already made a name for themselves with Helenes ice-cream manufacture in Kiel. That’s also why, in addition to warm and cold beverages, snacks, chips and currywurst with homemade sauce, also soft ice-cream in a wide range of variations is also available from the kiosk.

Sabine Köhrsen and Marco Kohrt
+49 (0)160 8156094 and +49 (0)160 8156540 

The bakery

The bakery in the museum is run by the Jodelund Bioland baker Lorenzen. You can buy fresh organic woodstove bread here at the weekend. The aroma which rises over the grounds is unmistakeable!

Bäckerei Lorenzen GmbH
+49 (0) 4673 325/ +49 (0) 4673 962491 (Management) 

The restaurant in the “Winkelscheune”

The restaurant in the “Winkelscheune” is also opened for larger events or registered groups. It is run by the Jöns family, the owners of the restaurant An Dörpsdiek from Techelsdorf. The restaurant offers everything to do with a hearty meal - from open sandwiches via a cold or warm buffet to a barbeque evening.

An Dörpsdiek
Dirk Jöns
+49 (0) 4347 708600

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